Adeptness Whitepaper

This document provides a reference guide of the subsystems involved in the ADEPTNESS ecosystem and their associated microservices. It allows early adopters to map specific components in their infrastructure to check the viability and the added value of their adoption. It also describes the staged workflow to enable this microservices-based architecture, including the monitoring, validation, uncertainty detection, recovery and knowledge extraction of operational data, thereby providing benefits on the deployment effort, a reduction in time to recovery and a reduction of bugs.

D1.2 Microservice Interfaces definition

This document shows the approach followed to define the microservices APIs and architecture for the Adeptness project. The document starts with an introduction to microservices architectures and their applicability in Adeptness, following with the definition of the common interface that has been designed for all the Adeptness microservices. In the next section, the definition of the APIs, communications, and interactions for each of the subsystems and microservices that conform the Adeptness architecture takes place. Finally, guidelines for including microservices not included in the initial Adeptness architecture are provided.

D1.1 Requirements & Ethics

This document describes the requirements of the different components of the ADEPTNESS workflow, the architecture of the design-operation continuum methods and the workflow to be developed in the project. It also contains the Ethics checking results.