DevOps4CPS-Testing 2021​

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DevOps4CPS-Testing 2021

Blending best practice DevOps solutions with the development processes used for CPS to deliver software more rapidly and in a more secure manner are emerging and critical open challenges of both contemporary and future CPS development. 

The Adeptness project is hosting the DevOps4CPS-Testing Workshop on 16 April 2021, in conjunction with ICST 2021, to discuss current state-of-the-art in addressing these challenges and a path forward to move CPS testing to the next level within new innovations in DevOps tools and technologies.

Calls for papers have been published and more information is available from the DevOps4CPS-Testing Workshop website. The workshop will be chaired by Aitor Arrieta, from Mondragon University, and Skaukat Ali, from the Simula Research Laboratory, in conjunction with Sebastiano Panichella, from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, who is the Technical Director of the COSMOS project. 

The Adeptness project is pleased to collaborate in co-organizing the workshop with another Horizon 2020 research project called COSMOS, focused on designing and developing novel DevOps methodologies, techniques, and tools that will enable effective, continuous development and evolution of cyber-physical systems.

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