Automating the design-operation continuum of Cyber Physical Systems of Systems

The Adeptness project will investigate and implement a streamlined and automatic workflow that makes methods and tools to be semlessly used during desing phases as well as in operation

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Reduction in time to recovery
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Reduction in bugs
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Reduction in deployment effort

Microservices based architecture

Architecture-based on embedded microservices for Automated Continuous Deployment

Monitoring, validation, uncertainty detection and recovery

Microservices for Continuous Monitoring, Validation, Uncertainty detection, and recovery

Knowledge extraction

Extraction of knowledge from the operational data


Jon Ayerdi successfully defended his PhD thesis at MGEP

Jon Ayerdi successfully defended his PhD thesis at MGEP Jon Ayerdi successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Simulation-based Metamorphic Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems”, at Mondragon Unibertsitatea, with several contributions of his…

Newsletter Adeptness 2022

The newsletter 2022 for the Adeptness project is available for download. Click on the button to donwload it. Download

DevOps4CPS-Testing 2021​

DevOps4CPS-Testing 2021 Blending best practice DevOps solutions with the development processes used for CPS to deliver software more rapidly and in a more secure manner are emerging and critical open…

New website!

Welcome to the new website for the Adeptness project. In this website, you’ll be able to follow the project’s progress and the project outcomes!

Kick-off meeting in San Sebastian

Date: 29 and 30th of January, 2020 Place: Orona foundation building, which acts as Mondragon University’s campus in San Sebastian.