Adaptive Signal Filtering Platform for a CPS/IoT Ecosystem

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Abstract—The rapid increase in number of devices in Internet-of-Things generates astronomic amounts of data. Dealing with noisy and low quality data uses more effort than the data analysis itself. Dealing with noisy data at the source would significantly reduce the effort of pre-processing during analysis, as well as the storage and bandwidth overhead. In this paper we introduce an Adaptive Signal Processing Platform (ASPF) for CPS/IoT Ecosystems. It provides ability to dynamically detect noise variation in a signal and successfully filter these components out of the signal leaving only clean and useful data. The paper shows two approaches with different requirements on effort and scalability.

Haris Isakovic, Stefan Dangl, Zlatan Tucakovic, Radu Grosu

Title of the source: 2021 22nd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT)

Publisher: IEEE

Relevant pages: 1391-1396

Year: 2021