Cloud-Based Architectures for Model-Based Simulation Testing of Embedded Software

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Abstract—Model-based testing (MBT) generates many test cases for validating a system under test against the user-defined requirements. Cloud computing provides powerful resources that can be utilised to execute these many test cases that would otherwise take much resources locally. Other benefits of utilizing cloud-based resources are elastic and on-demand, rapid provisioning and release of new, potentially value-adding services. Although cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have provided the necessary technologies for successful cloud- based operation, it remains difficult to migrate and hence achieve the realisation of MBT as a service for traditional in-house testing operations, especially for embedded software. In this paper, we present a series of cloud-based architectures powered by AWS and an open-source MBT tool, GraphWalker. These architectures are realized at simulation testing stage for real-world embedded software and particularly cater for online MBT, whereby the model-based tool is deployed as a RESTful web service, accessible through a number of REST API commands. The presented architectures as well as their realization through AWS can be adopted in future for more advanced levels of simulation testing of embedded software.

Authors: Wasif Afzal, Amirali Piadehbasmenj

Title of the source: 9th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things

Publisher: IEEE

Year: 2021


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